The Disclosure Project, a 501c(3) non-profit association has identified over 450 government, military, intelligence community and defense contractor witnesses who are willing to testify, under oath, to their direct experience and knowledge of UFOs, Extraterrestrials and Extraterrestrial technology.

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Division Chief John Callahan: "I saw a UFO chase a Japanese 747 across the sky for over half an hour on radar. I've got a videotape. I've got the voice tape. I've got the reports that were filed that will confirm what I'm telling you….I'm one of those, what you would call, high Government officials in the FAA."

Lieutenant Colonel Bob Salas: "The UFO incident happened on the morning of March 16, 1967….part of the 490th Strategic Missile Squad….the top side security guard says, 'Sir, there's a glowing red object hovering right outside the front gate; I'm looking at it right now. I've got all the men out here with their weapons drawn'…[as this was happening] our missiles [nuclear tipped Minuteman One missiles] started shutting down, one by one…so that morning we lost from 16 - 18 ICBMs at the same time UFOs were in the area"

Brigadier General Steven Lovekin, Esq.: "This piece of an extraterrestrial craft was a grayish foil-like material….it had been taken from one of the ET craft that had crashed in New Mexico….. it had been taken from a box of materials that the military was working on…."

Sergeant Clifford Stone, United States Army: "I was involved in situations where we did recoveries of crashed flying saucers…. There were bodies involved…some were alive…if I am called before congress to testify…. I stand here ready today to do just that [testify to congress]".

This is a tiny fraction of the 120 hours of videotaped testimony we have of courageous government and military insiders risking their safety, freedom and perhaps their lives to break down the door to the most important secret in modern times.

Log on to and see for yourself the testimony that we think is "the Smoking Gun". Learn about the secrecy that is subverting the constitutionally mandated powers of our elected officials. Learn about the technology, hidden in "black" government and military projects that would eliminate our need for fossil fuels.

See Dr. Steven M. Greer, director of the Disclosure Project, and videotaped witness testimony at these upcoming events;

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Attend our 3 day conference in San Mateo, CA June 21, 22, 23 and meet many of the hundreds of insider witnesses to the greatest secret in modern times. Learn what we are doing and WHAT YOU CAN DO to force open the door of secrecy and access the energy and propulsion technology that will usher in a new age of inexpensive and non polluting energy generation. Technology that OUR TAXES have paid for but has been kept secret from us for 50 years!

Visit our website at SEE FOR YOURSELVES what government and military insiders are saying about UFOs. We have available educational materials in book, DVD, VHS, and CD format that PROVE, beyond a shadow of a doubt that UFOs and Extraterrestrial life forms are real, that segments of the United States military, government and defense contractor industries have been spending BILLIONS of our tax dollars researching these issues and reverse engineering ET technology.