The following is a true story about a UFO Crash at Edwards Airforce Base. If anybody has any information about this case I urge you to come forward and email me, your comments will be held in the strictest of confidence, someone out there must know something! Even if you have the smallest piece of information please contact Karen Lyster.


Trying to Understand the Past: A Search for Identity

Conscious memory of what I then called "The Night the Sky Lit Up" never ended since that July 1947 night when I was 5. I never thought much about it. I lived my human life in an environment of unconditional love, respect and self-awareness. I attended high school, college, and graduate school. I discovered I enjoyed secretarial work and stayed in that profession all my years. I married in 1980, gave human birth to daughter in 1982. Eventually we found our way to North Carolina in 1985. Memories started coming to me in dreams and flashbacks in May 1995 when I literally became obsessed to find out what happened that night in 1947.

I had "hypnosis" and my memories of what happened that night opened. I telephoned my mother in Nebraska several weeks later and asked her to tell me what she remembered. She shared exactly what I had remembered during hypnosis. It should be noted that I did not tell her what I remembered until she shared her memories. I was stunned. She told me that more events like this had taken place during my childhood. My brother and I were laying on the floor listening to the radio when a beam of light pulled me through the wall. My mother grabbed my legs and was tugging at me and my arms were being pulled by the light. There is a greater description but I won't go into that now. It was a positive and wonderful encounter. One of many, states my mother.

It was like going home to family. Like I had two families and now I was with my earth family and my family from elsewhere had "visiting rights!" In that same hypnosis session another incident was remembered that surprised the therapist as well as myself. I had no idea these memories lay in my subconscious and as they poured out I discovered, with each new day after the session, memories and flashbacks that shattered my reality and opened wide a whole new world, a new adventure. None of the memories and events that would surface of ET contact could match the pain and horror offered by those encountered with the military. I will summarize the event. The memories came back out of chronological order, however, I will put them in order so it will read smooth and be easier to understand. From my perspective it was like trying to see the picture without all the pieces of the puzzle turned over.

I was physically on board a mother spacecraft working. When it was time to return to earth three "ETs" (short, thin, rather translucent in appearance like in Close Encounters of the Third Kind), one female essence and two of male essence were the crew. We were either shot down or crashed near Edwards Air Force Base in California. I remember standing in the wreckage, suddenly in conscious memory, confused, disoriented and filled with sorrow as military personnel kicked the bodies of the two dead ETs. I remember hearing in my mind the captain of the mother ship saying how sorry she was that they could not help us for fear of being detected. Interestingly the same thoughts, the same feelings, the same voice sounds were so similar to those I heard in my mind when as a child I heard my mother's feelings of how she could not help me as I was being pulled through the wall. The female crewman was standing to my left.. I had on a pink body suit. I cried as the military cursed my dead comrades. I don't yet remember what the parts of the ship looked like.

Mostly we experience through with feelings (emotion?) rather than 3-D physical senses and communication with the mouth. At first I think they (military) might have thought I was a local witness who would not leave and so they arrested me. They handcuffed me and threw me in the backseat of a black limousine. I was taken to an empty hanger. I remember it was cold and had a hollow sound to the noise. I was placed on a cold metal table. Two military to my left, one military to my head along with an ET whom I call Mr. Pumpkin Head Man. The military were dressed in fatigue uniforms and the ET had on a blue kind of two-piece jogging suit with a thin red and white stripe going around the chest area and then another set of two thin lines going up and down on the jacket. At the intersection right above where the human heart would be was either a brooch or insignia. My first thoughts were "brooch". They drugged me. I was so confused and disoriented. I struggled to lift my arms and to get up, but I couldn't, my speech was slurred. I tried to scream but could not. I felt drunk. I heard in my mind Pumpkin Head thinking how great he was and how important he was to these military men. The military man next to him was thinking "What an asshole." They treated me with great disrespect.

Eventually two of them grabbed me under the arms and yanked, pulled and tugged me off the table. They dragged me to the opening of the hanger. The light hurt my eyes. There were cars with flashing red lights. All I could think of was, "That's not a space ship!" I was very disoriented. I was put on a bus and sent back to San Francisco (where I lived). I remember when I arrived it was night. It was in the downtown area. People were mingling on the streets. I was in front of an adult book shop. I think I might have gone in, I am not sure. I was really confused and still felt drugged and disoriented. I was trying desperately to find my way home. I tried to tell people what had happened. I pointed up to the three stars of Orion and said that was home and cried out in anguish why they left me, why won't they come and take me home. Everyone thought I was a druggy and pushed me aside.

I struggled through the streets and eventually exhausted collapsed on the street in sleep. I awoke to a bright clear morning sky. A bag man was standing beside me. The day was beautiful. My head clear. I remember smiling at him as he took my hand to help me up and said, "You know not too many make it through the night down here." Those words were carved in my mind....I did indeed make it through the night. I survived. Each time I become frustrated by human betrayal and human stuff, I remember those words. "I made it through the night." In addition to that, as I grow and become more awakened I find the words from the play "Cats" uplifting, "A new day has begun!" The memories of that night on the streets, riding buses, trying to find my way home first appeared as nightmares for many years, long before they were assimilated into the remembered events.

Later I would have flashbacks of being in an ambulance. A military man to my right, two men in white jackets, one at my left and another at my feet. I remember passing in and out of consciousness. The man at my feet applying oxygen. The military man cursing me and saying things like "Hey, sweet sexy thing, want some more?" The man at my feet saying, "Had a little too much to drink sweety?" I remember passing out again and the man on the left saying, "Knock it off. Leave her alone." The guy at my feet saying, "We're losing her again." While laying what seemed to be on the floor of the ambulance I lapsed into unconsciousness and was dreaming about somebody sticking a slimy snake down my throat, it was sticky like scraped off corn on the cob. It was yellow and white and I coughed as I tried to stop them from forcing it down my throat. Then I regained consciousness back in the ambulance again. It is not too hard to figure out what kind of incident that memory really is all about!

As background information that somehow seems to fit, but where and why I don't yet know. I separated from a relationship and was divorced in the early 70s. After I left the relationship I stayed with some friends for a few days until I could get my own apartment. The brother (an Air Force Staff Sgt.) of the couple I stayed with was on medical leave from the Air Force, stationed out of Travis. After I found my own place he would occasionally come by. At one time he told me he was actually AWOL and never returned after the medical leave. He wanted to go to Edwards and turn himself in. He would drive his brother's blue little Spitfire (sports car) down there and turn himself in. Would I come along? I did. It never occurred to me how I was going to get home! I did wonder why he would turn himself in at Edwards instead of Travis. He simply said he had friends there and the brig was much nicer at Edwards. I thought the diversion from all the changes and divorce would do me good. I remember very little about the trip.

It started to rain as we neared Edwards, We got a motel. Went on base to the he officer's club. I remember his buddies slapping him on the back. He introduced me and then ignored me. I remember sitting at a small "table for two" in the club next to the bar where he and his buddies were drinking. I remember a hazy figure of a guy in a white T-shirt, khaki colored pants that ballooned kind of at the ankles and black boots that I remember as thinking "paratrooper" boots. He had a round white face, blond crew cut and a smirk I will never forget. He had a cigarette in his mouth and I remember the glow and he puffed on it. I think that this might have been the guy who "raped" me. Then I remember being back in the motel with the Sgt. and I remember telling him I was terribly bored and was going to take a bus back to San Francisco. I remember nothing else of that time.

Later, several months perhaps, the Sgt. came to my door. I was shocked to see him because I thought he was in the brig. He said, he decided not to turn himself in. He now planned to do that. He asked if he could call the MPs from my place. I was mad, I asked why he couldn't do it from his brother's place. He said he didn't want to get them in trouble. I gave in. While he waited for the MPs, he asked if he could borrow the suitcase I had used when we went down there. It was a blue small weekender. I was confused. He had his belongings in an old grocery sack. He insisted. I gave it to him. He also asked and I gave him the watch I was wearing on that trip. Why he wanted it and why I gave it to him, I will never know! The MPs arrived, handcuffed and hauled him away.

Several more months go by and again he is at my door, this time with a bottle of wine. He asked to come in. I said no. He started to cry and say "I am so sorry. I am so sorry." I asked why he was out of the brig. He said that they decided not to press charges. I shut the door. I never saw him again. My telephone was "bugged" for some time. I don't have any memories of anything else at this time. I did find myself in employment for one month in a very strange company. As I put those memories into place with my now ET memories I get the feeling that these folks were in human illusion and possibly not of human origin. They did not like black-skinned people, which I now know shapeshifters detest. There is much about that month that is vague, and quite strange. More on that another time! The memories of the crash and the involvement of the Sgt. and the AWOL issue is confusing. It seems that the military tried to stage an event (with the Sgt./ brother) to bring about confusion should I ever remember the UFO crash. However, there are too many loopholes and all it does is give me more verification that all this did indeed happen.

I know now what my heritage is. Who I am, why I am here. I have tried many times to put the crash event and following interrogation to rest in the past, but it comes up over and over again, lurking in my mind as unfinished business. The past I had remembered, a past once idealistic and beautiful has suddenly brought memories of confusion, disorientation, rape, drugging and deceit. My whole past seems to not be what I thought it was. Often I become confused about who I really am. Then I see what a beautiful family I have, my current life is filled with love, caring and acceptance. It is difficult to sometimes understand the reality of all of the memories. I had such a wonderfully content life, the memories were idealistic, very idealistic, perhaps that is a clue that the real memories of my past have been altered. How much? I don't know. But I doubt that it is very much. Perhaps I am a walk-in remembering another human life time? Questions, always more questions. Where are the answers.

I am still searching, still praying to see the whole picture. I MADE IT THROUGH THE NIGHT and now with my loving family A NEW DAY HAS BEGUN.

If you think Edwards Base is New to UFO Activity, Think Again... in the early 1960's UFO's were frequent visitors!"

Tales of a Wanderer - October 31, 1998 Ponderings

How important these of newletters, of contact with each other. I recently received the next to last issue of Scott Mandelker's "From Elsewhere: The ET Journal" and one small line was a saving grace for me. I want to share what I sent to him in response to this one small line in his newsletter.

We need to talk more to each other. To share our moments, both good ones and not so good ones. We all get caught up in the web of human drama and trauma and we MUST be there for each other. The November issue ("From Elsewhere: The ET Journal") could not have come at a better time for me. I have been trying to assimilate the human memories and experiences and integrate them with my ET understanding. I had been through "hell week" and when I read the following: "To Higher Self and the elder ETs living in the Light of Unity, all is 'complete and whole and perfect' -- here, there, and everywhere." all of the confusion of the past week came into focus.

We ETs come from a world of harmony, peace, love and when we are thrust into the chaos of humanness we appear quite naive and this really said it all for me...the lies and deception are foreign to us and when they are thrust at us and cause disharmony in our little corner of the world we become confused! I have been abducted by the military and with that event came drugging, rape, messing with my mind, putting me on a bus to San Francisco, and there in a confused and disoriented state I wandered the streets until with the morning light and a clear head I found my way home. It has taken a lot of work to assimilate the event and the other "minor" human betrayals and I was at a point this week of no return.

I had to deal with these issues or give up and "go home." When "From Elsewhere" came in the mail I was at my lowest ebb and I hungrily read every word but when I came to the above quote, everything began to fall into place. Often we don't see the results of our work. We share, support and give out insights to the reading world in our newsletters, the internet, the media and to audiences but we don't always know the moment someone is touched. So I share with you Scott, be aware that that one phrase helped me regain a very shattering moment! Thank you.

And to all those ETs and Lightworkers, keep up the wonderful work, don't give up, keep on being the Lighthouses, the beacons--one word, one phrase, may be the key to someone, somewhere. Love to each and everyone of you who read this. My Light was about to go out, yes, I am one of the Lightkeepers, and my Light was about to go out, but another Lightkeeper, Scott Mandelker, kept it going with just that one small phrase.


Blessings and Light,

Lori Dvorak Cordini

The Watana

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