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Excellent Clairvoyant Readings

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Ufopsi - your reference for UFOs and the paranormal
Illustrated articles about UFOs, ufology, parapsychology, paranormal, supernatural including gallery, awards, downloads and games.

Nazirene Home Page

Paradigm Clock

Korni's UFO's

Science Fiction Fantasy

UFO BC (UFO British Columbia)

The UFO Casebook : Details Some Of The Best UFO Cases From Around the World

Alien Contact And The US Military Experiments

Phenomenon : The World of the Mysterious and Unexplained

The Ultimate UFOlogists WWW Page

American UFO News (UFO news wire)

The Truth Files

Aliens In My Garden

The Interstellar Mainframe

Joes UFO and Space Mysteries

Emma's Site "Dream The Impossible"

UFO NEST (Scandinavia)

Web Of Conspiracy, Reality And Truth

After Death Communication (Hello From Heaven)

Egogahan (A vast site on Spiritual Issues)

Lloyd Pye - Everything You Know Is Wrong

UFO And Strange Phenomena Information Exchange

Celestial Visions School of Metaphysical Arts

Aliens & UFOs Among Us

The UFO Conspiracy

Jixes X-Files Page

Skywatch International

Big Cats in Ayrshire

Believe! Paranormal

Mystery Magazine : Ghosts, UFO's and Fortean News

The Continuum Homepage

Viking Remote Viewing, Psychic Self Defence, UFOs and Crop Circles.

Alien Identities Ancient Insights into Modern UFO Phenomena

The University of Life UK

The Crop Circle Website

UFO2U - An Excellent New UFO Site

Encounter 2000


UFOcity.com The Ultimate UFO Resource

The Millenium Consortium

Media Quest USA

The Raelian Revolution

Alien Astronomer

Dark Side Of The Moon

Area 51 Research Center

Scottish Research into Unidentified Flying Objects

Noah's Ark by Stan & Holly Deyo

Sightings On The Radio by Jeff Rense

SYZGY An Earthquake Prediction Newsletter by Jim Birkland

The Enterprise Mission : Richard Hoagland

CUFOS (The J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies)

UFO Magazine (Quest International, UK)

UFO Folklore - A Wonderful Resourse!

Seegers Art

The Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence

PSI Tech - Technical Remote Viewing

UFO's The Beginning of a New World. This site deals with the many different aspects of UFO's, with the latest UFO sightings from around the world. Plus there are articles on Crop Circles and theories about what causes these formations. There are many articles about UFO Abductions, and UFO Abduction stories, plus items covering Cattle Mutilations, Earth Changes, and prophecy of the rise in these types of events, such as earthquakes from around the world. You will also find the work of Sir Laurence Gardner covered in this site which focues on the Holy Grail, Bloodline of the Holy Grail, Genesis of the Grail King, Lord of the Rings and many other Religious interpretations of the Bible itself, plus the life and work of Jesus Christ and how much of a role Mary Magdalene played. Laurence Gardners work also deals with such topics are The Knights Templar, White Powder Gold and it's healing properties. Also covered on this site are sections on Mind Control, Military and Government plus historical Conspiracy, reports of Alien Implants, Remote Viewing, work by Richard Hoagland and the Face On Mars. New Age Predictions, information on the infamous Rennes-le-Chateau Mysteries, News Coverups. Ancient Egypt and it's history, plus research papers on our own Human Origins. Much to read here!

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