Peter Weissbach = PW
Alec Newald = AN

PW : Thankyou for joining me this morning ladies and gentlemen, itís an honour to sit in for Art Bell on Coast to Coast AM. Coming to you from Seattle this evening. Weíre going to hook up with a gentleman in New Zealand, which will mean normally thereís just that split second delay when weíre talking back and forth.

PW : One Monday in Mid February 1989 Alec Newald set off on what should have been a three-hour drive. He arrived at his destination feeling tired and confused, but was even more confused to learn that Monday was now Thursday 10 days later. He had no idea of what had happened in the meantime, when Alec did retrieve his memories of those missing ten days he realised his life had changed forever. Early on in that fateful trip, while driving through a foggy mountain pass Alec was whisked from the road by Beings from an Extraterrestrial Civilisation. They took him to their planet, told him about humanities past. What is the secret no one wants you to know?

PW : Alec welcome.

AN : Hi Peter itís really good to speak to you again.

PW : Listen when you were abducted you say be Aliens right?

AN : Well ... Dimensional Entities Peter, itís very hard to label these things when youíre searching for truth you donít really want to put earthly words to something you donít really understand entirely.

PW : So youíre driving along, the next thing you know itís ten days later, youíre confused your tired and then tell us... youíre trying to make up for the ten days, you think you suffered amnesia?

AN : Well there were a lot of things going through my mind Peter at that stage. Yes basically I was concerned for my health and I actually had a medical check up immediately after that, I passed with a clean bill of health but one thing I did find that I had a rather rare blood group... Well I was a rhesus negative blood group which I had never heard of before and I started to do some research. And I found out over the course of the last few years that people with Rhesus Negative Blood have certainly been having more strange interactions with what we might call Interdimensional Entities than those of the most regular blood group, so for whatever the reasons thereís a tie up there with something in our past I believe Peter.

PW : Well lets go back ten years ago. So youíre back your confused your putting pieces together, itís ten days later, you canít figure out whats going on. How do you finally come to this realisation that says ďhey wait a minute, I was actually abductedĒ, ďI was taken away by ETísĒ.

AH : Well thats a long story Peter, youíve got allow me to explain.... the last five or six years Iíve been sifting through what happened and trying to piece together what happened. What started me to recall was alot of bits and pieces in dreams. I just kept on waking in the middle of the night with the same dream and I started to write down what I believed what the dream was about. Because I was trying to work it out, if you can understand, having an unusual experience missing ten days and then having these dreams that were almost trying to explain to me the missing time. So I started jotting down what I believed the dream was about and in the end it actually pieced together as a consistent theme or almost a storyline which I started to believe was what truly happened over those ten days. And from that Iíve done alot of research since and Iíve found at.... at that stage I thought I must be the only one having these sort of experiences and could I believe them to be true... until I found out when I did research and got onto the internet and that, that Iím just one of many that are having these interactions and unfortunately getting onto the mainstream media and trying to get this story out to the general public is a no go, there just seems to be a media embargo with anybody whoís having these types of interactions. You just can not get anything out into the general public. So people remain ignorant to whats going on to a large percentage of the human race.

PW : Right I want to get into whats happening with the Human Race. I just want to get the background down. So when you arrived ten days later, you must have been somewhat frightened, I would be if I couldnít account for ten days of my life. I mean it would really bother me - what was going through your mind then?

AN : Well thatís exactly right. Thats why I went and had the medical examination to start with, because I thought that the obvious thing was that Iíd had a nervous breakdown. But what actually happened in the car leading up to this episode was from what I could remember, the last conscious recollection was that it appeared that I had lost control of the car, and for some reason the steering wheel had frozen and I couldnít use the brakes and the car appeared to me to be going to crash. And what followed immediately to me was what could only be explained as a near death experience. I truly believed that I had died Peter and what was confronted me from that moment on could only be explained had I crashed and died. So to me I was trying to relate to ďIím deadĒ ďIíve had an accidentĒ and from what Iím seeing from now on it after death. There was no thought of ET's, Interdimensional entities, it was either - if I confronted something it was obviously something that related to after life.

PW : So when you thought initially that it was a near death experience, did you go through the tunnel the seeing of people that you knew before, being drawn to the light - did you go through that kind of experience?

AN : No. It was slightly different, so obviously now in hindsight I realise it wasnít a near death experience, but because I had nothing to compare it with and I obviously done alot of research on near death experiences since this incident, trying to relate it to that which it wasnít. The best I could describe and answer that after the car accident, had it happened, I was in a large cavan space surrounded by a blue light, I didnít appear to have a body, which certainly would sit with a near death experience, so I appeared to be bodiless, weightless and I appeared really to be ghostlike, and when I looked around me in the distance after some period of time, I noticed there were other entities in the distance which didnít look human either and were only wisp like or ghostlike so I certainly got the impression that would lead you to believe that ďok youíre deadĒ ďyouíve gone up or downĒ and what youíre going to meet next is your maker or something maybe much worse.

PW : Did you have fear at any time during that experience?

AL : Strangely Peter no. I felt quite comfortable with the situation I was in. I had if you like recollection, I could conceive of my situation, there was no fear involved and when these entities that were off in the distance finally contacted me, my first instinct was not to run away basically but to follow even though there was no verbal communication, I seemed to be drawn to them, so it was a very unusual experience obviously and not anything you would immediately relate to spaceships, ET's, UFOís. I never actually during the whole event saw what I would call a UFO, and it was only much later in the interaction that I finally realised, basically they had to explain to me that these entities were not of this earth.

PW: Of course, and they knew exactly what you were thinking about, because they were telepathic were they not?

AN : Well the communication was being made in that manner, but of course Iím like you Peter, up until that point in time I've never had telepathic communication presented to me, I didnít even understand the theory of it, and probably still donít.

PW : But they could read your mind couldnít they?

AN : Well yes, this is what was going on. I was having these thoughts and they were answering me but I wasnít actually saying anything and strangely enough neither were they. But at that point in time, initially very early on I could not actually get any communication from them, they could obviously communicate with me but it was only later on, they actually donned me with what I would call an artificial skin or a body suit and some sort of communication device was fitted to this sleek body suit and it enabled me then, at that point in time, to read their thoughts.

PW : Right, just to catch up. Alecís telling us a story that happened 10 years ago, and heís written about it in a book called CoEvolution, The True Story of Ten Days on An ET Civilisation. Itís published by Adventure Unlimited, and is of course available at The number to call to get on the air and speak to Alec Newald is 18887006333, we have much more to cover, as Alec says he was on a totally different planet, a planet by the name of Haven and the ET's that had abducted him, told him something that he feels compelled to share with the world. And weíll be getting onto that in just a moment.

PW : So you disappear for ten days. How long does it take you to realise that youíre not even on Planet Earth?

AN : Difficult question Peter. I was told that there was a period of time where I went through some sort of phase change .... I couldnít even think of the right words to describe it really, this change took about 24 hours. So part of that time I wasnít even conscious of what was going on and if you believe it they were actually building another body for me, from what I can gather, from what Iíve been able to understand. Something that would take me to a different dimension.

PW : So youíre saying that this isnít like a distant place, itís like a planet in a different dimension?

AN : It has to be a different dimension Peter because there was certainly dimension travelled involved and they did go to some lengths to explain to me what was going on, but the technicality of it was way beyond me and it was probably beyond most of the scientists on this planet. Youíve got to forgive an average guy off the street for probably not getting all of it technically right. But certainly there was a shape involved and a vehicle that was involved, and believe it or not the shape by pyramidal , Tenterden - certainly they told me that this shape is definitely required for dimentional travel. And that was the type of vehicle I was on.. it was a mobile Pyramid.

PW : A mobile Pyramid?

AN : Well it brings back memories of the movies that came out not so long ago, I think if I remember correctly in 1995, there was a movie made by Hollywood that had indeed mobile pyramids and believe it or not, my drawings and everything had been presented to my editor before that, so makes you wonder whoís spying on who in Hollywood and how they get some of these ideas, it really does.

PW : So why did they in essence abduct you? What did they tell you?

AN : Well itís a very very long story Peter. But evidently these people are involved in Earthís history many many 1000ís maybe even a hundred thousand years ago. They created alot of hybrid humans on this planet, hence maybe, quite possibly the rhesus negative blood that a small percentage of earth population have, about 10-15% and these people hinted to be that theyíre descendants on this planet would have this blood group, which I obviously had and that they had seeded a line of people on this planet to be rulers of some description and through royal Bloodlines, this Iíve found out more recently through the works of others, Laurence Gardner etc who has very scholarly work and research. So Iíve got to believe what these people were telling me is true, that we have had, if you like to call them Extraterrestrial Interdimensional entities interfering and altering the bloodlines and grouping and genealogy of the human race.

PW : For what purpose? Why are they doing this?

AN : Well they lived here, many many thousands of years ago, as I was about to explain and interbred with the human race, so there blood is mixed with ours. Unfortunately it would appear with the dimensional situation that they are in is life threatening and they basically have to leave their present situation which maybe dimensional or at least in another planet in another solar system, they have to come back here - evidently though, because their physical makeup has altered through time travel as well as dimensional travel - and they are in our future by a million or more years, they have to come back here and re-splice in with the bloodline left behind, which could well be this Rhesus Negative bloodline.

PW : When you say they have to come back, are you saying they created mankind?

AN : Not perse, they created a race of people on this planet which are slightly different to everyone else.

PW : For what purpose... why?

AN : For what purpose... Well I believe that when they were here they were using the Human Race as slave labour.

PW : What?

AN : And I believe they needed a ruling class of humans to basically overseer the human slave labour race and what they created was a race of earthly leaders, but they had a large percentage of their own personal genetics.

PW : Are they intending to come back to enslave us once again?

AN : I donít think... I think the purpose for the slave labour has long since gone, and weíre talking about maybe more than a million years into the future here Peter. Reasons have changed and situations have changed and I think, I believe they are actually asking and have interacted with earth governments... they have almost come cap in hand asking to be able to come back to this planet. I do believe theyíve got rather a cold shoulder from the miliary regime that run this planet at the moment.

PW : Are you saying that they have been in touch with earth governments?

AN : Evidently for a very long time Peter, at least since the Second World War. Since the atomic experiences in I think White Sands Nevada is it?

PW : Well weíre going to have to find out exactly what it is that they want.

PW : Ladies and Gentleman our guest is Alec Newald, he is in New Zealand, he has this fascinating story heís telling us. Ten years ago he was abducted, he left on a three hour drive and didnít arrive until 10 days later. He ended up being abducted by ET's which are on a different vibrational level according to Alec... And youíre saying that these ET's have been in contact with earth governments Alec, but a number of years.

AN : It would appear so Peter, Iíve only got their word on that and Iím not in a position to get the inside track from US Military sources of course. But the rumours that appear all over the place and appear from leaked documents and secret documents on the internet as you probably know would suggest that perhaps something did go on in the mid 40ís and 50ís.

PW : So what is it that they want - what do they want from our Government?

AN : Well they wanted permission to settle here. This is what I was being told and they actually did get permission in some sort of deal they worked out in the mid 1950ís that they were given an area of land, Iím not privy to exactly what area of land that would be. But in exchange for some form of technology a deal of made and they were given permission at a time that suited them, which I believe is in the next 100 years, they would be resettling back here on this planet. And I believe that there had been,..... that earth governments have reneged on the deal at some stage after accepting the technology and now there appears to be a not so secret war going on in our atmosphere.

PW : A war between who?

AN : Well, itís a star wars scenario, itís actually occurring daily in our atmosphere between unknown UFO craft and earth based, laser or particle beam weapons, and high powered microwave technology - and basically what I can gather is that the earthís miliary are trying to prevent these people from a), liaison with people like myself and b). from coming back here altogether.

PW : They must be so far superior in terms of their power and capabilities to those that we possess here on earth, itís inconceivable that the US Military could keep them out.

AN : Theyíre in very small numbers Peter. Theyíre not here in force, theyíre not coming here as an invasion force to start with, theyíre very very reluctant to retaliate un any circumstances anyway and I believe will only fire back when directly threatened or when contact has been made and one of their craft has been hit. Thats my believe, but Iím getting alot of this information second hand, but I was told first hand by them that this is happening but of course I canít prove that.

PW : Now youíve talked alot with the ET called Zeena right?

AN : That was one entity that identified itself to me because she was related.

PW : She was related to you?

AN : Yes by birthright, her mother which was also a pure bred human I guess you could call it, so it would make her a hybrid entity - half human half alien and the same mother, her mother was related to me.

PW : In what way?

AN : I donít really want to go into details there Peter, because there are alot of people involved here that I donít want to hurt or offend and lot of this stuff I have kept to myself. If you can just take it from me that this hybrid entity was related, hence the communication in a way.

PW : Now as I understand it from the reading Iíve done through your book, thereís more than one ET race that wants to get here?

AN : Oh for sure, I mean I have information that there are 20-30 ET races making contact with the human race or with Governments or with individuals. One of the more well known ones is the Zeta Recitular or the Greys, these people I interacted with were not those. But they did know of that race at lease and several others, they didnít seem to be in party with them and they were more inclined to go about their own business. They didnít seem to be interacting or being part of a universal group of ET's that you might have heard.

PW : Now do all these ET races, are they all benign, do they all have good things in store for us. Or are some of them hostile.

AN : I couldnít comment on that really Peter, not accurately because I have only met one particular race and itís only of them that I can comment. But they did warn me that many years ago like centuries or thousands of years ago there was some form of a force that did interact with the human race and did in some form took it over. But they werenít really clear in the identification of what that was, except that it was more like a mind control force. Not something that you could see or comprehend in the physical - it was a non physical entity if I may say that, and in some way could manipulate human thought or mind process and actually lived off fear - or the creation of fear and the creation of death and fear of death. But of course Iíve never seen this entity either but perhaps we all live with it every day, Iím only taking their word on that Peter.

PW : Letís take some phone calls. Jeff from Florida, welcome to Coast to Coast AM.

Jeff : Hello

PW : Yes Jeff, please speak up.

Jeff: Did you ever feel like you were in any danger from these aliens.

AN : No Jeff, these appeared to be a friendly benevolent race and they actually took great care of me, I was almost a precious commodity to them, I got the impression that if anything should befall me it would be a great misadventure and they would take it personally.

PW : Melissa in Texas - go ahead to Alec Newald.

Melissa : Hi, I was wondering was there any purpose and did you maybe seek a mate or something?

AN : Youíre taking perhaps about interbreeding? The reason they choose me was because of the was of the same genetic line as they were, Rhesus Negative Bloodline and yes there was a hope that they could splice into my genes, use some of my DNA if you like and create other stronger beings of their own race because I actually was in a parallel bloodline.

PW : Well have to find out in a moment from you Alec whether they were successful in this breeding program.

PW : Why have you gone so public with this? Whats pushing you to go so public with this?

AN : To tell you the truth Peter, they wouldnít let me rest, I had decided along time ago when this first happened that I was going to keep it to myself. Unfortunately some factions or some covert agency here in NZ - I donít particular know how they found out about it, I have a few ideas but we canít really go into it here as itís too long winded, but I got visits from what we call the DSIR here in New Zealand (the Department of Science and Industrial Research), and they posed as DSIR Scientists and I believe through further research they were not DSIR Scientists at all. They came hunting me actually and wanted to know where I had been, they had some photos of some odd things that had happened to the car that I had at the time of this event occurred.

And the printed circuit board and the fuel injector system was a mirror image of what it should have been. After Iíd sold the car soon after this event when Iíd moved up to Auckland here in New Zealand, and somebody else got hold of this car and it ended up in the hands of the DSIR or some scientific bureau and through that some other agencies covert agencies got wind of something unusual happening, whether they can track ET craft through our atmosphere, or whatever happens to people when they have these experiences - it brings back memories of the Men In Black and such stories that have been around in UFOlogy for a long time, people have visits and being warned off speaking of these events after itís happened to them. Well I got visits from two well dressed, dark suited men - one Englishman and one New Zealander and they virtually wanted to know everything that had happened to me.

PW : So they knew?

AN : Some covert agency had got hold of what had happened to me and they virtually never let me rest for 8 years.

PW : Are they through with you now?

AN : Theyíre certainly through with me now Peter because I wouldnít cooperate with them, they actually framed me and put me in Jail.

PW : What!

AN : Basically I was a political prison in jail for six months in New Zealand. Because I refused to cooperate with them. All this is real, I mean you canít make stuff like this up and my life was hell for the first 4 or 5 years, they threatened my life they sent some thugs around of my house, they beat me up one night in front of the family while one of them stood over the phone so they couldnít call the police. Basically because I wouldnít cooperate they did threaten my life and those of my family - I had left my family at the same instance as this happened and I never went back to my family for fear that I would involved them in some form of death threat.

PW : Letís takes some calls weíre going to go back to the phone lines.

PW : Stan in Chicago, welcome to Coast to Coast am.

Stan : I understand that you believe that the Governments are involved in these phenomena, considering that the world right now is in a state of geological change to you believe that the Governments know more and are maybe in collusion with other governments involving these strange experiences that people are having.

AN : Well I believe everything's timing Stan, and I do believe that the US Government are on some sort of a standby or even on some threat to clean up their act - it seems strange that I was told that that was what was happening from ET sources and itís strange that the same year I had my interaction the Berlin Wall came down, the Cold War finished and everyone wanted to be a peace maker and it seems from 1989 onwards alot of things have changed in the political scene around the world, I mean Iím only guessing as I donít know what goes on behind government closed doors but certainly you would agree that things have changed, even in Ireland there seems to be a peace deal. Wars that have been going on for ages are suddenly all drying up and everyone's trying to be friendly and youíd wonder why.