PW : Well isnít that good evolution for mankind?

AN : I believe thats a brilliant idea and if thereís a push from some benevolent ET civilisation behind it, that might perhaps be a true sign that these people are not the ogres and the little green men with the ray guns that are depicted from Hollywood.

PW : Teresa in Tennessee

Teresa : Thankyou, hi Peter hi Alec. My question is when Alec when you were abducted could you at any time touch these beings or could you see them, and if so what did they look like, and how did you know when they contacted you that they were there.

AN : Well after the first initial indoctrination or rebuilding of bodies they were as physical as I could touch their bodies just like I could touch you if you were in the same room as me. They were real and I knew they were real and that made a difference to me.

PW : Joe in Vancouver BC

Joe : I wanted to relate some experiences that have been happening lately, abductions, mine arenít as heavy as Alecs are but I wanted to relate that there is a war going on out there, an intergalactic war between good and evil and that there may shortly be an event that might have something to do with the Anti-Christ and that it is time that everyone as we prayer that we pray globally and think of the global consciousness and the earth so that no hard should come to us.

PW : What about this Alec, is that a intergalactic war going on between good and evil?

AN : Your asking me Peter?

PW : I am Alec.

AN : I believe that there certainly is a war going on in our skies, in our atmosphere. If you call if between good and evil I just wonder which is which.

PW : So you have no idea.

AN : Oh I believe there is a war going on alright - I was told there is and Iíve seen reports Iíve seen NASA shots of particle beams weapons being shot from Australia into the atmosphere at glowing disk shaped craft which are not normal space craft. Iíve seen evidence from earth that thereís something going on and Iíve been told from the other side thereís something going on, I have to believe it Peter.

PW : Alec are you still in touch with these Aliens now?

AN : Not physically Peter, from 1989 the direct contact was cut, actually if we get time to get back to it later, there was alot of childhood interactions that I didnít fully understand at that stage so it wasnít new to me I just didnít put it in the right context early on in my life.

PW : So since that meeting some 10 years ago, youíve had no further contact with the Aliens?

AN : Not that Iím physically aware of or can remember Peter.

PW : Do you think telepathically?

AN : I have to believe they had to help me write the book because Iíve never ever written anything than a letter home in my life and yet I sat down one day that book just flowed out of me and I donít fully believe it was all my own work.

PW : You know this is a fascinating story, and in his book he talks about how he was told that these people told him, or these aliens told him that homosapiens and Cro-Magnon species were artifically engineered and that these ETís that artifically engineered us are trying to get back to earth but that the world governments are trying to stop them. Alec are all of us artificially engineered by these ETís according to what your belief is?

AN : I canít really say for the overall human race Peter, I just know of particular bloodlines that were generated for particular purposes but in the research Iíve done since my own experience, if you want to count what Iíve found out since then, it would appear that more than one extraterrestrial race has had a go at playing with human engineering and genetics. So we could well be a universal mixing pot more so than we ever believed, I mean I donít know of anybody that can really explain all the different races on this planet anyway... black, yellow, white... they seem to be all different and yet in many aspects the same, so maybe Iím not really qualified to answer that question.

PW : You talk about spending this time with Zeena, you write about it, and she says that evolution is you understand it is a myth, changes are never slow and that they are always planned and later I shall show you that nothing in this universe, past, present and future, in your timescale is left to chance. Is she saying that we are predetermined and programmed?

AN : What I gathered from that Peter, was that perhaps evolution is a universal step that runs rampant through all of existence and everything has itís time and everything moves up a scale according to itís turn and perhaps doesnít happen haphazardly as the Darwinian theory suggests but it happens in large steps and stages and it may well account for why there are no missing links and there are gaps and there are unexplained evolutionary steps on this planet that and even now geologists and scientists can not explain. Youíd think with all our advances in science and technology weíd be able to find the missing link. There just appears to be steps through evolutionary series of stages which does not just happen by accident but happens on a grander scale that we can comprehend.

PW : Back to the phone lines. Ron of Atlanta.

Ron : Yes I was wondering through his experience and the Beings heís in contact with ever mentioned the Anunnaki - they were called Anunnaki by the Sumerians.

AN : Iím fully versed with the Anunnaki as Zechariah Sitchin and Laurence Gardner whom I mentioned before who has researched extensively in our past ancient scripts and manuscripts that seem to have been left by most of our modern day scholars alone as if theyíre taboo. The Anunnaki would appear to be one very advanced race of indeed genetic gene splicers. A group of people that could manipulate entities and build a race of people it would seem from the research Iíve done and Laurence Gardnerís done, the Anunnaki could well be the ancient remnants of the group of people that I ran across. Hope that helps you Ron.

PW : Right lets go to Scorpion in Idaho.

Scorpion : I just wanted to say to Alec, that you definitely have alot of guts here coming out with these experiences, Iíve noticed alot of folks who are starting to come out now with very similar experiences and the thing I want to comment on, as far as the argument on evolution and so forth, I think youíll find that archaeological digs will just about prove at least to some degree the statements that youíve given as far as we not going through the slow evolutionary process, because if you notice on alot of these digs and so forth they find remains that show that there is not a continuous line of procession over a long period of time. When like in the theory of evolution it says it takes many thousands or millions of years to make minor changes - where the evidence shows some of these changes for some reason are major changes, probably not just in the human race but in many other races on this planet. I would definitely comment that what youíve given us seems to be a very good descriptive picture and in at least some the archological findings will even add some proof to that, at least a very strong argument.

PW : Right thanks for your call. Did you want to comment on that Alec.

AN : Just the fact that that was what I was told and I have to believe it because I donít think that earth science is able to disprove it.

PW : Did they not also say - did Zeena not also say about a dark force having altered our DNA, or attempting to alter or DNA?

AN : Yes, and I can only sort of relate it back to that there is alot of new age people around that are suggesting that the human race has 12 strands of DNA when fully active and I believe we only have two now that are active, Iím not quite up on that, but something happened that seemed to de-tune us in our history at some stage, perhaps we were a greater race at some earlier stage than we are now. I donít know what truly happened to the human race many many thousands of years ago, but something certainly seemed to switch off.

PW : But what was this force? Was it a force of darkness?

AH: Well that would be a way to describe a negative force. Interestingly enough in the same voice, in the same mood that she mentioned that they altered our life and whether itís negative or positive itís part of creation and you must respect it and to try and eliminate it because itís a negative force in human eyes you may well be fighting yourself, I think weíve still got alot to learn to life and recognise things that you donít get along with and things that you do, and perhaps when you recognise these forces they loose their grip on you. In otherworlds donít fear anything.

PW : Hereís Evelyn in Seattle - Welcome.

Evelyn : Hello, Hi Alec itís good to talk with you, I just have a couple of questions Iíll ask you then Iíll listen. Have they equipped you with any ear or eye devices and if so does that cause you any irritation , and the other question is are there any symbols or numbers that have strong meaning to you?

AN : No bugs, no implants that I know of ... hopefully. I have had x-rays of my scull when I got beaten up by those couple of thugs, but there was no implants in there that showed up on the x-rays. As the to next questions about special meaning for numbers.... No. 12 possibly in the human resonance scale because I believe thats when these people are coming back to this planet, when the earth goes through a human resonsnone level of 12.

PW : When does that happen??

AN : It could happen any time in the next 100 years, I believe the human resonance used to resonate between at 7.8 and had done for 100ís and 100ís of years or since recorded history with that scale, and within the last 30 years itís been moving up the scale possibly to around about 11 now I believe. We could be looking at something happening in the next 100 years.

PW : Jack welcome to Coast to Coast

Jack : Donít these aliens look like locusts depicted in Revelation. I mean if Revelation is true then this is actually going to take place.

AN : Iím not if the entities described in Revelations Jack. These ones werenít Insecoids, for sure they had cats eyes and they had white skin and they were warm blooded just like you and I so, they were not Insecoids sorry Jack.

PW : Bud

Bud : Good morning everyone worldwide, itís very nice to listen to the broadcast. I wanted to make two comments, ask Alec a question and then pose a question. The WTO (World Tyrant Organization) wake up people! Second comment - Mars, I donít believe that we could blunder so bad. And the question I want to ask Alec - why do you think you targeted you and how to you think youíre being tracked now? And do you believe that they are of religion origin or ET.

AW : No. 1 23 out of 31 Mars probes failed - thats less than a 30% strike rate. Youíve got to worry about the technical side of NASA. Anyway, why me? Very simple really, when I look back at my own health Peter and Bud Iíve never had chicken pox, measles Iíve hardly ever had a sick day in my life, itís very strange, Iíve obviously got a very very super strong immune system, Iíve vertically never even had a common cold, so something in my genetic makeup which has made me quite a healthy individual just through luck of birth obviously. That could be the key there in answer to that question.

PW : Right in your book you talk about being abducted and taken to this planet. Is the Planet pronounced Haven?

AN : Thats correct, although I should admit that people shouldnít be sort of confused by the name of anything thats written in the book because they donít have words that would relate to earthly words and what Iíve done is just used an appromation to something that is rather a resonance or a colour.

PW : Sounds alot like Heaven doesnít it? Itís just one letter off Heaven isnít it?

AN : Well Haven is related to a ďsafe havenĒ home, territory or homeland. So Haven is a very apt description to what was to them their home base.

PW : Well describe to us just what that planet was like?

AN : Very briefly Peter. It seemed to be about the size of our moon, I couldnít see any stars in the sky at night and yet the sky at night was black both day and night. There seemed to be some sort of a force field or some sort of a network or grid in the atmosphere that seemed to pulse, so maybe I wasnít able to see directly out into space, but I could see what was pretty obviously a sun - the sun was reddish in colour, very very potent - in fact we had to wear very shopficitaced anti-radiation suits if we ever went outside which were a sort of a yellow-gold reflective skin suit really, nothing more than a skin suit but these were very very high tech, so it was a hostile environment - like being in the middle of a desert.

PW : No vegetation?

AN : Very little, very stumpy, stunted growth - nothing that weíd call trees and nothing that youíd say was green. All the vegetation of what I saw was in-house or under cover.

PW : Any animals or insects?

AN : No other life whatsoever Peter. It was very strange because there was no sound, wherever I was there was no sound and of course they didnít communicate by sound. We were discussing telepath tic which was really a colour resonance harmonic... is the word.

PW : Any children?

AN : Yes, there were younger Beings, or younger entities - they were small anyway, the statue of this race would be about 5 foot tall. That would be the tallest.

PW : Right weíll take some more calls, Tony welcome to Coast to Coast am.

Tony: You say that these entities were from past and future correct?

AN : They were time travellers Tony so yes that is correct.

Tony: Did they mention to you on what is going to happen from then and to wherever theyíd at now. And did they tell you what is going to happen with your future.

AN : They certainly explained what I could expect on an evolutionary step, we did touch a little on that earlier on, on evolution, and that is one of the reasons I incorporated that name into the Book was because definitely the earth is going to go through some sort of phase change, that would be the best way to describe it and I was mentioning before about the human resonsense of the planet. The planet beats to a pulse, it has a resonsense and that resonsense was on a 7.8, itís now I believe near 11. And I believe their planet pulsed a rate of around about 12. Now this is on a arch scale of nature, the next step up from 8 would be 13 and Iím calling 7.8, the human resonse close enough to 8, and I do believe weíre moving up to the next sequence which is 13. And weíre going to pass through 12 on the way up, now this is. Now this is another evolutionary phase change where we could well see a different group of life form on this planet. Whether we can take that step up ourselves or whether we become eliminated or waste products along the way I do not know. These people seemed to suggest that the human race would survive the next phase change. And we would have a planet at a different frequency, different density and so would we be, thats a pretty exciting sort of step and the key to it is itís in the next 100 years so there is a good chance alot of us alive now are going to see this happen.

PW : When the Government agents came after you in New Zealand, and you said they continually harassed you, and you werenít cooperating. Were you ever concerned that they might try to get you certified as insane and commit you.

AN : Well when they finally locked me up Peter, and sent me to jail, I didnít think I was going to come out. I did think that was just an excuse to get me away somewhere, away from the public eye. I mean accidents can happen in Jail very easily, fights, knives whatever and I thought Iíd been set up. But in actual fact they interrogated me while I was in jail quite severely. I even met a gentleman from S.A, well he had a SA Accent and he was sent to integorate me and itís interesting to note that many years later when I was researching UFO events, there was a major UFO scare in SA in 1989, the same year, in which a craft was believed to have been shot down by a SA air force plane which crashed in the desert there in SA. And they were believed to have recovered some ET bodies and a craft from that and were shipped to America. And itís strange that the markings that were shown to be by this gentleman with a SA accent were very very similar to what Iíd seen myself - and if they expected me to be able to read and identify these markings for them, they seemed to think Iíd know where they came from and what they meant.

PW : Lets to to CJ, Welcome to Coast to Coast AM

CJ : Hi Peter, I just wanted to comment you as a guest host youíve done great! My question is to Alec, is he familiar with the Philly Experiment.

AN : Yes I am.

CJ: Is there anything familiar in that to what he experienced in his life?

AN : No, not to any great degree.

CJ: Have you read the book?

AN : The Philly Experiment?

CJ : Yes.

AN : Yes Iím familiar with that. I just realise that time travel is not so far away from the human race as what weíve been led to believe in fact I think itís all a crock that weíve been fed about the state of our technology and I think HG Wells probably had it far more on the nose than alot of modern science.

PW : Sorry weíll have to let it go there CJ. Right Alec whats the one thing you want to get across to people, whats the big thing.

AN : I donít think weíre getting a fair deal Peter, I donít think the powers that be are letting all out that they know, I think weíre being controlled by Big Business for big money, and I think weíre kept dumber than dumb for reasons best known to them, weíre being milked like cows quite honestly and I think itís about time the human race took back the planet from the people that are running it and I think give back the power to the people Peter, the consumer always has the last say and Iíd like people to think about that. You get what you pay for and if you stop buying it theyíll stop giving it to you, so maybe we should just wake up!!

PW : Well thats pretty earthly what youíve just said. But the reason you wrote the book was because you have contact with ETís. So what are they saying, what is the message they wanted you to bring back to earth.

AN : Theyíre coming back, they want to interact, the people that are running this country donít want them here. I think that the people who are running the country hasnít been asked... I mean the people that live in the countries, you and I, havenít been asked because we donít know. Weíre not being told and youíre got to wonder why weíre not being told.

PW : Wouldnít it be difficult to cover-up such a big story though?

AN : Oh I donít know Peter, I think the technology weíve got on this planet could run everything from a kitchen sink full of water and theyíve kept that pretty quiet, theyíre pretty cleaver these people, alot cleaver than the average guy in the street - I just donít think we give them enough credit for it, they can keep things quiet when they really want to and theyíre keeping this one very quiet.

PW : Now you would welcome these ETís back, you want them back here on earth right?

AN : Iíve had an interaction with them Peter and I can only go on what I know and I hope they were up front with me - I mean maybe Iím not cleaver enough to see through a lie.... well Iíve seen through the earth lies from earth governments, but maybe theyíre to cleaver for me. But if theyíre honest and genuine surely something in the universe is honest and genuine Peter and if they are I would have no fear from them whatsoever, I fear my own Government more than I fear them and I can absolutely guarantee you that.

PW : So what do you think they would bring.

AN : They would bring a life style that would maybe clear us out of this muck, but itís still up to us to use it, they donít seem to want to control us or run us, they would offer us a gift, a gift to live a clean and healthy life. I mean too many children are dying Peter, to many people are dying on this planet for reasons on contamination and chemical poisoning that doesnít need to be there, itís just money. Money speaks and I think we need to look at life style before money. Itís a shame that people wonít but maybe we have to take a step back before we can take a step forward.

PW : So these Aliens would be able to help us deal with our pollution? AN : Well theyíve already given us technology to do that Peter. But the people they gave it too werenít trustworthy enough and goodness knows where itís lying now in some cave in the Nevada desert somewhere in Area 51 or something like that. Itís either been stockpiled away or itís being used for miliary purposes - itís use could be turned around and used for something evil no doubt, use it as military controllers would do, use it to destroy human race instead keeping it alive.

PW : The Book is called Co-Evolution, published by Adventures Unlimited. Alec thank you so much for being with us today.

AN : Itís an honour Peter, thank you very very much for giving me the opportunity say a few words.