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"I am often asked how I would react if the entire abduction phenomenon should prove to be the internally generated product of people's imaginations - if there are in reality no abductions and no aliens, and never have been. If that were true, I would weep with joy. I want to be wrong."
"Quote from Dr. David M. Jacobs, Department of History, Temple University, Philadelphia"

On June the 13, 1992 history was made. The hallowed halls of academia, MIT (Massachussetts Institute of Technology) held an Abduction Study Conference, titled "Abduction Study Conference". This lasted from June 13 - 17, and went on all day and well into the night, each and every day. The Study's Chairman was Dave Pritchard, Ph.D, and many of his colleagues at MIT attended this Conference. What transpired during those 5 days, was to change the face of how the Abduction Phenomenon was preceived forever. There were many UFO Researchers present, including Thomas E Bullard, John Carpenter, David Gotlib, Richard Hall, Budd Hopkins, David Jacobs, Pam Kasey, Joe Nyman, Mark Rodeghier, Michael Swoards, Walter Webb and let's not forget Professor John E. Mack from Harvard University.

There were also present many abductees who where there to state their cases for the members and researchers. The Press were kept to a minimum of 12. This was no ordinary UFO Conference - "MIT don't study something that does not exist"

What resulted from this lengthy Conference was a Manual of over 700 pages, such was the amount of evidence produced by the Researchers and Abductee's.

It is time for the general public to sit up and take notice, abduction is not something that will disappear.... this is ongoing and will continue to be... "Remember reality will not go away just because you don't believe in it. There certainly were a few MIT Professors that had changed their minds after hearing all the evidence. For that is what one MUST do, before you can make up your mind. Otherwise you might as well say "Don't Bother me with the Facts - My Mind is already made up!"

The idea that men, women and children can be taken against their wills from their homes, cars, and schoolyards by alien beings can be a very frightening experience indeed. But many people also have wonderful experiences that literally change the way they view this world. They have experienced something that opens up their minds and souls to a brand new world that they didn't know existed. It is not always traumatising.

Of course many people are afraid of what is being done to them, and it's the consistency in the abductee's stories that weave a pattern that slowly brings together a better picture of what is exactly happening here. Many tell of being medically examined, female talk of ovum being taken, and men speak of sperm samples extracted. Usually during these kinds of procedures, there is great fear on the part of the abductee as lack of communication and intense emotional feelings almost always puts them in a state of utter shock.

Nearly always the abductees describe being taken by 3 aliens, all looking very much alike, once again this is one of those constant threads that make the evidence that much stronger. When I personally became involved in abduction research I had no idea of the scope of the topic, how intricately woven into all our lives this topic is. We must realise that the abduction phenomenon is too important to dismiss as the ravings of psychologically disturbed people. I how this new trend towards more scientific research continues, as I'm certain that in the process we will learn much more about ourselves, who we are and where we came from... there is much at stake here

The agenda of these Aliens is much debated amongst UFO Researchers; are they creating an Alien/Human hybrid race - as many abductee females have been shown their offspring as a result of their abduction experiences. Until all the facts are in this phenomenon will remain an enigma... but as each new day arrives we get closer and closer to the truth. And one thing is for certain "We Are Not Alone"

UFO's The Beginning of a New World. This site deals with the many different aspects of UFO's, with the latest UFO sightings from around the world. Plus there are articles on Crop Circles and theories about what causes these formations. There are many articles about UFO Abductions, and UFO Abduction stories, plus items covering Cattle Mutilations, Earth Changes, and prophecy of the rise in these types of events, such as earthquakes from around the world. You will also find the work of Sir Laurence Gardner covered in this site which focues on the Holy Grail, Bloodline of the Holy Grail, Genesis of the Grail King, Lord of the Rings and many other Religious interpretations of the Bible itself, plus the life and work of Jesus Christ and how much of a role Mary Magdalene played. Laurence Gardners work also deals with such topics are The Knights Templar, White Powder Gold and it's healing properties. Also covered on this site are sections on Mind Control, Military and Government plus historical Conspiracy, reports of Alien Implants, Remote Viewing, work by Richard Hoagland and the Face On Mars. New Age Predictions, information on the infamous Rennes-le-Chateau Mysteries, News Coverups. Ancient Egypt and it's history, plus research papers on our own Human Origins. Much to read here!

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