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Misconceptions About Alien Abductions

Recently I responded to a Visitors Posting on the Mystical Universe Site (http://www.mysticaluniverse.com/) (if you haven't yet visited this excellent site, please do as it's one of the best sites on the internet!). The posting was from an individuals viewpoint on the alien abduction subject. The points raised in this posting are unfortunately typical of a section of the general public who are grossly misinformed and how haven't bothered to check the real facts on the issue before passing judgement. Since I receive a large number of emails pertaining to this very subject, I thought I'd share the posting with you all, and my response to it.

~The Posting/Response~

A good friend of mine alerted me to a posting by a David D. - May 4, 2000. This posting dealt with the subject of Alien Abductions and the person had said some rather ludicrous statements, which I would like to have the opportunity to address.

The subject of Alien Abduction is extremely complex, so it rather "yanks my chain" when someone steps up to bat with such uninformed statements as this David D. has done. It never ceases to amaze me how people continually spout off explanations that simply do not fit the facts. Surely any sane thinking, rational human being must agree that any explanation of Abductions must, to a suitable standard, actually explain the facts that the explanation is being touted to cover. Let me remind David D. of the meaning of the word explanation "make known in detail; make intelligible the meaning of, account for and justify of". Again I must say that ANY explanation of the Abduction phenomena must contain and explain, justify, put intelligible meaning of the facts presented in the argument.

With that in mind I would like to address some of the points raised by our very learned friend David D. who obviously likes to simplify matters considerably, thereby giving him the satisfaction of being able to pin answers on these simplified facts.

Please note : Although David has used the word "many" and "often" in his statements, he is alluding that the answers he gives covers most if not all of the abduction problem.

I do not believe in the abduction phenomena and here are some sound reasons I believe this way.

#1 - Many of the cases sound too much like sleep paralysis (of which I suffer extensively with.)

Sleep paralysis does not account for the abductions that occur to more than one person at a time, nor does it cover the extremely large percentage of cases where the person is not in bed at all, they can be driving the car, at work, at home, with friends, at parties, at functions... in fact they can be anywhere, at anytime, to any number of people. And lets not forget the residual ground traces and marks, sightings of objects in the neighborhood by independent witnesses, electrical disturbances in the home of the abductee witnessed by other members of the family/friends/flatmates (electrical disturbances have also been widely reported in the neighbors homes while the abduction is occuring next door). Sleep paralysis does not account for the abductee having marks on their body, nor does it account for the many cases where the abductee is found to not be wearing the same attire as they went to bed in, nor does it explain the grass, mud, dirt often found in the bed when the person awakes in the morning.

#2 - Often abductions occur at night when the person is alone.

Once again I say it's no good just taking a very small percentage of the facts and providing a plausible answer to that small percentage while at the same time ignoring the other 80% of facts that should logically be included in any type of explanation.

#3 - Many of the memories occur after hypnosis, which could be a clue to this phenomena. (the aliens should have the technology to erase memories even after hypnosis!)

The recovered memories by abductees using hypnosis only accounts for approximately 30% of all abduction cases as the remainder simply don't need to undergo such treatment as they remember the experience perfectly well without hypnosis. (this figure of 30% is now reduced significantly as more and more people do not require nor wish to have hypnosis) The figure stated of 30% is from the mid 1980's and is significantly less now.

#5 - Information on this planet is too accessible, the stories could sound alike simply because we all have seen alien movies on television.

The well touted excuse/explanation that the ET experience has something to do with the influences of sci-fi movies and television programs is again false. The actual fact is that the programs FOLLOWED the experiences. The programs were created AFTER the evidence.

e.g. Close Encounters of the Third Kind was partly US Government funded, and the expertise of UFO Researchers such as the late Dr J Allen Hynek (former scientific advisor to the USAF's Project Blue Book and founder of the Center for UFO Studies), were brought in to give expert guidance so the producers/directors could make the movie as close to REAL life experiences of UFO's and Alien encounters as possible, using the witness reports and testimony. The movie Close Encounters was the direct result of real events, not some kind of catalyst movie producing public hysteria into seeing more UFO's and ET's.

#6 - Take into consideration some people lie and get others to lie, this may account for some of the more difficult cases. (supposed eyewitness testimony to the abduction)

Of course people lie. But to throw this in the melting pot as if it magically explains the situation away is hilarious to me. Yes of course, actually it's a brilliant idea really and will save me countless hours of pouring over detailed abduction reports... yes .... lets just throw all of the 40,000,000 sighting reports away and not investigate any of them because lets just assume that everyone on the face of the planet who have seen a UFO, experienced Alien contact, is a liar, lets not stretch our brains and use our intelligence, lets just forget about it and explain them all away as liars, mentally ill, unstable, hallucinations ...

All in all there really is no physical evidence and we should try and treat these people so that they don't have to worry that they are being abducted and reassure them with proper counselling. Proper treatment with understanding will go a long way, but just blindly believing in something as many people are doing without checking out the facts is doing more harm than good to these people.

No physical evidence? So what do you call the 5000 official ground trace reports that have been collected over the past two decades??

So far those explanations worthy of further study, lean heavily in favour of the abduction experience being very real indeed.... Why? Because the explanation of alien abduction FIT THE FACTS.

~End of Posting~

I get these kinds of emails like the one David posted, sent to me nearly every day. I'd say probably only about 5% are a waste of time as they don't want to be educated on the subject because they simply don't want to know. While the other ones honestly believe that there is nothing to it (abductions/UFO's) and they've gotten this belief from watching TV Documentaries about the subject, where a great deal of air time is given to the proponents of the Sleep Paralysis theory (e.g. James Baker), and others who offer similar unfounded explanations.

The TV shows have alot to answer for really because they choose to have the show usually split into two segments :

1) The UFO proponents and;
2) The Debunkers.

So on one hand we have the UFO Experts and on the other hand we have NO UFO EXPERTS. I've watched the likes of James Baker go over his sleep paralysis theories on these TV Docos, and for the very same reasons I've stated earlier, this explanation can only ever explain about 8% of the facts surrounding the UFO/Abduction scenario. I've tackled some of the TV shows about this and their response has been quite interesting.... it seems that it's common practice to try and give a "balanced" view when creating something like their UFO documentaries - but when it comes to the "opponents" of the UFO Researchers/Experiences the ground is pretty thin so they have to take what they can get. So in essence they are using the tools at their disposal even though they know those tools are very old and just can't do the job ;)

There have been countless abductees over the years that I have been researching that have committed suicide over the lack of help they have received to cope with their experiences. It's indeed people who are uninformed about it like our "David D". who make life that much harder for the abductees who are trying to make sense out of whats happening to them, and yet usually (at least at first) come up against a brick wall with no where to turn to for help.

I often liken it to the WWII Concentration Camps. It's like a prisoner of the camp is allowed to go home to the "normal family environment" for dinner ... They sit there in absolutely shock over whats happened... their mind is spinning... They reach out to their family for help only to have "pass the potatos dear" come back at them. These people are not free from the camps at the end of the "home stay"... they return over and over and over again to the horror they so desperately wish to get help for. The added stress of having to deal with this kind of rejection and isolation can sometimes for the abductee be just too much to bare.

We need to find answers as to exactly whats going on here with the Abductions. We need to look at the facts honestly and objectively - but at the same time we need to take into consideration the people who are experiencing this intrusion in their lives. This isn't something they have asked for... so lets treat them with the compassion and understanding they deserve.

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