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By : Karen Lyster

This particular experienced happened while I was living in Sydney - I was 18 years old at the time.

During my life I have often done rather strange things... or should I say "acted in some strange ways" without really understanding why. This experience is one of those times when I acted a certain way for no apparent reason. Of course there is "always" a reason for ones actions, it just may not be apparent at the time.

Again let me set the scene. I was working for a company called RCA (an affiliate of the Record Company), and had settled down to finish off some accounting work on the Friday afternoon. Then I had this very strange feeling, It was like a wave of emotion that swept over me and gave me that tingling feeling you get sometimes when you sense that your body has picked up something that your senses may have missed.

I tried to focus back on my work but just couldn't. Out of the blue, I now had this compulsion to go away for the weekend and no matter how much I told myself that it was such a stupid idea, and rather late to be thinking about it, the thought was stubborn and wasn't about to abandon it's mission to get me to do as my mind told me.

It was only a few minutes later that I found myself searching through the yellow pages directory for a suitable hotel to stay at. At random I choose one that sounded ok and dialled the number to make the booking. I booked in for the entire weekend, which was the Friday and Saturday night with a checkout time of Sunday morning 10am.

As I had absolutely nothing with me to take on this weekend away, I nipped out and brought a bottle of shampoo so at least I could take a shower and wash my hair during the hotel stay. As my cab pulled up to the Hotel I couldn't believe how foul it was. It looked like something out of the movie Psycho... it was completely run down, very old and as I walked up the path I couldn't help but think how incredibly stupid I was not to have chosen a hotel that had a photograph of itself from the yellow pages. But I didn't... and now I had to stay in this "rat hole" for the entire weekend. I was mentally "kicking" myself all the way up the path! Things went from bad to worse as I made my way up to the reception desk. The Manageress was sitting behind it and she looked just as old and dilapidated as the damm Hotel! I thought to myself "great Karen, just great - she looks like something out of the movie Psycho as well!!".

With a fag hanging out of her mouth and the ash accumulating as she dragged on it, she told me that all meals were included in the tariff, so I had paid for Friday dinner, breakfast/lunch/dinner for the Saturday and Sunday breakfast. I nodded that I understood and yet I couldn't help thinking that if she was the cook there was no way in hell I would be eating anything she put together. I could image her frying bacon for breakfast with that fag in her mouth and the ash falling in the guests breakfast... no thanks, I'd rather knaw on my fingernails for sustenance ;).

After seeing what state the hotel was in, it was with great trepidation that I opened the door to my room, and as anticipated it was just as bad as I thought it would be. The entire room was only big enough to fit in it one single bed, and a chair next to the window which overlooked the sea. There was no toilet, no bathroom - I found that down the hall from me. Why on earth I didn't just leave and go home is beyond me.... I guess that whatever made me end up there in the first place wasn't going to let me whezzle out of it that easily. So I resigned myself to having to stay in this room... which on closer inspection wasn't as bad as I had first thought. At least it looked clean, and that chair by the window would come in handy to look out over the water - at least something here wasn't half bad!

It was just getting dark as I plonked myself down on the chair - I looked at my watch and it was 6.30pm. I had a fleeting thought about going down stairs and joining everyone for dinner.... but that would mean facing the "dragon queen" so I pushed the thought and the slight pangs of hunger to the back of my mind. I didn't feel like socialising anyway, and god only knows what other people were down there anyway.

I watched the setting sun as it lowered in the sky and edged ever closer to the water level... it was quite beautiful sitting there, not to mention relaxing. After about an hour of just looking out the window as nightfall approached I noticed a very bright light up to the right, high up in the sky. It was so intense that I wondered what on earth it could be and why it didn't seem to be moving in any direction... what was it, and how could it hover there for such a long period of time. Almost as if the bright object had heard my thoughts it began to descend getting so bright that I had to shield my eyes from it! It seemed to be so incredibly close, it was now only about 50 feet above the water and so bright that I just couldn't look at it without screwing up my eyes.... Then nothing.... In what seemed like the exact same instance I found myself opening my eyes and I was now laying flat out on the bed on my back... the room was no flooded with daylight and someone was coming through the door right next to the bed. I turned groggily to see it was a cleaning lady... she got quite a surprise to see me and uttered "Oh I'm sorry dear.... I thought you would have checked out by now".

Checked out! What on earth was this woman talking about! I blinked my eyes to further try and wake myself up... "No".. I replied .. "I'm booked in till Sunday".

Well at that she looked even more confused.. then she smiled as if realising that I'd probably just woken up and didn't realise what was saying... "but it is Sunday dear...." Now it was my turn to be totally confused... as if I wasn't already! I didn't say a word, instead I just lay there starring at her as if she was quite mad. Sensing I wasn't "quite with it", she uttered "never mind deary, I'll do another couple of rooms and come back to this one later, when you've had a chance to get up and have a shower... I'll come back later". And with that she flashed a sympathetic smile and closed the door behind her. I sat up in bed and thought "are they all completely barking mad around here or what!". It only took a few seconds for me to decide that I might as well leave anyway, even if it was only Saturday morning, I hated the place so why on earth stay here a moment longer when I could be home, in comfortable surroundings and not in a revolting place like this!!! So I got up and went down the hall for a shower... I had wet my hair and had reached into my bad to pull out the bottle of shampoo I had brought the day before. To my surprise the bottle was 3/4's empty! I shook my head in disbelief - how on earth could that be! First someone tells me its Sunday when I know it's Saturday and now someone's been using my bloody Shampoo!!! What kind of stupid place was this! I had a fleeting thought that maybe it had leaked out into my bag, so stooped down to feel the insides of it... nothing - dry as a bone. I was still quite groggy from waking up to such an intrusion of someone barging into the room so I decided not to worry about the shampoo... I just wanted to get the hell out of this place and home where I belonged!!

With my hair still wet I went down to the reception to check out and ask the landlady to call me a cab. I braced myself for her as I was certain she was going to want to know why I was leaving a day early...But as she came out of the office up to the reception desk, she just starred at me. This wasn't a normal stare it was the kind people give you when they haven't quite figure you out... and she was definitely looking at me in that way as if to say "what the hell have you been doing"... Of course at that stage I couldn't have cared less if she thought I was odd... heavens above I thought she was so I guess it was her right to think the same of me! It wasn't till later on that day that I realised "why" she was behaving that way towards me... after all I had booked in for Friday - Sunday, and yet I had missed ALL the meals provided.... I didn't turn up for Dinner, nor Breakfast, nor Lunch, nor Dinner, nor breakfast!

At that stage I just didn't care what she thought and when the cab arrived to take me home I leapt in it with such relief... I was on my way back to "normality". 20 minutes later I arrived back at the apartment and put the key in the lock and opening the door. What hit me next was a feeling so odd that it's hard to share even now. You see being a New Zealander and living with 3 other Kiwi ladies, every Sunday we had a tradition - and that tradition was that we had NZ Lamb for lunch every Sunday without fail. To say I was totally disorientated as stepped into the apartment and smelt the unmistakable aroma of roast lamb is putting it mildly! I muttered under my breath "no... NO.. it can't be". I felt the blood drain from my face as I took a deep breath and inhaled as much of that very familiar smell as I could muster. It was roast lamb alright!

I dropped my handbag where I stood and walked stiffly down the hall towards the living room. The girls were already seated at the table chatting away as they always did. As they saw me I got an enormous "hey! welcome back" "just in time for roast lamb.." "we knew you'd be back in time for your favourite". I just stood there with this blank look on my face... all I could say was "it's Sunday"... The girls laughed and said "of course it's Sunday, what else do you think it is you silly woman".

There's something extremely airy about suddenly realising that you have missed a big chunk of time which you have absolutely no recollection of. It totally disorientates you to a degree that you just can't think about it without creating a panic inside that feels like you're going to "lose it" any moment. After it was truly dawned on me that it WAS Sunday and not Saturday as I thought, I put on a smile and sat down at the table with my friends... I just didn't want to think about it. It was just too weird, to strange and I was disoriented enough without telling this lot and have them jump on my case asking 100's of questions... I'd just think about this situation for awhile. But as I sat there with a zillion thoughts zipping around in my head... all of a sudden I had an avalanche of memories that just flooded back into my mind - I literally jumped right out of my chair and yelled "oh my god I was on a UFO last night!". Well that shut everybody up and they all sat there, mouths wide open and nothing coming out. I now remembered so much - "why hadn't I remembered it immediately" I thought. As the mental images came back so did my excitement my heart was racing as I realised that something truly remarkable had happened to me.


I remember sitting there with my eyes wide open and all that came out was a very breathy "WOW". I quickly explained to the girls what had happened at the Hotel on the Friday night - how I'd seen this very bright light in the sky coming closer and closer to me and then how the next memory I had was or waking up in bed to the cleaner coming through the door on the Sunday morning!!

By now everyone was just was wide-eyed as I was and wanted to know everything that I had remembered about what happened. So without hesitation I started to blurt out the series of events at such a speed that it was almost like I felt that if I didn't get it "out" it just might disappear from my mind again! The very first thing I remembered was that one second I had been sitting in the chair watching the light and the next moment I was aboard something that looked like a spacecraft. Immediately ahead of me where a bunch of people... Remember this happened in an instant so I was in a state of utter shock to find myself in this position, I was terrified, disorientated and like a cornered rabbit as I found myself standing there facing these people ... I had no idea how got there, no idea who these people were.

There were two men and three women - the men were the closest to me, and the women were just a few feet behind them, standing more or less side by side. In hindsight they didn't look menacing at all, in fact they were the most beautiful people I'd ever seen. They all had yet black hair, and the most pearl/blue piecing eyes I'd ever seen, their skin was extremely pale and their complexions flawless... But just because they were good looking didn't mean they weren't out to "get me", so when I realised that I had my bag with me I dived into it and grabbed hold of a large pair of scissors that I always carried around with me. I dropped the bag to the floor and held the scissors in both hands straight out in front of me ... this was the only weapon I had and by god I was going to use it if they came any closer to me. I then said in the most authoritive manner that I could muster "don't come near me, don't come any closer" "I'll use this, I swear I will", "don't come any closer". But instead of getting the desired result in having them take me as a serious threat to their well being as I was hoping to relay.

The man nearest me merely smiled... it was the kind of smile you give to a child when it's being naughty and you know it's trying to understand a situation that is beyond it... Still smiling that warm, gentle smile, he then very slowly began to raise his arm until it was straight out in front of him.... then he simply raised his hand so that his palm was straight out in front of me... I couldn't believe my eyes... the scissors which I was holding out were only a few feet away from the palm of his hand and as if they were melting, I watched in amazement as each part of the siccor ends started to roll back in a curling motion... I could not believe what I was witnessing! They kept on curling until they were both wound up in the tightest curl you could imagine... my "weapon" no longer existed... they had made their strength obvious to me and I realised it was pointless to continue holding up the now completely malformed scissors... I remember the thought "well I'm going to keep these!!" flashing through my mind so I quickly bend down and shoved them into my bad... "they would be safe there I thought" ... boy I wanted to keep them! With that safely tucked away I stood up and again faced the man who had totally annilated my "weapon".

They all looked rather amused really, which made me slightly pissed off... I mean chuck them in a strange place with strange people and see how they'd react. The man closest to me was the only one to speak. He said "don't worry we're not here to hurt you... we only need to look at something" "there is no need to worry, you will be alright, I promise". At that moment I resigned myself to the situation.... besides there was absolutely nothing that I could do about it anyway - so I thought I might as well try to calm down and just deal with it. Afterall, they looked harmless enough .... I blurted out all kinds of questions to which I got very few answers "who are you?" "how did I get here" "what do you want with me" "WHO ARE YOU?"

The only one who spoke to me was the same guy who was the nearest to me. He said "don't worry about it, you won't be here along, you don't need to worry about all of that". Ummm well pardon me for asking!! I was quite annoyed at being brushed off so quickly but I could see that he had no intention of explaining anything to me so I asked "you said you need to look at something, what is it, what do YOU WANT?". With that he said "we just need to look at your hands"... well I really thought that was stupid... what on earth could they possibility want to look at my hands for. Sounds absurd to me! With the puzzled look on my face his smiled seemed to deepen (well I'm glad he finds it amusing because I sure as hell don't). He then gestured for me to follow him as he moved up past me along was I can only describe as a corridor that had a slight elevation upside... he only went about 10 feet and stopped pointing to the left where there was an alcove. It wasn't a room, just an indentation off from the corridor. There was a little machine there that had what looked like a mirrored surface - it was about 2 foot by 2 foot. He asked me to place my hands on top of the machine as he needed to get a record. This time it was me who was amused.... I come all this way, am on some kind of spaceship and all they want to do is photocopy my hands LOL!. But I did as he asked and placed my palms on the mirrored surface.. as expected it felt just like a mirror, quite cold to the touch and very smooth. He didn't need to press anything as the machine breathed life the moment I'd got both hands pressed down onto it. After only a few seconds he said they had what they needed and for me to take my hands off and please wait there.

He then walked back down the corridor and I stepped back out also but stayed where I was, not walking the few feet to where the others were. He had something in his hands I gathered was the image of my palms and they gathered round as they showed them all. They seemed to get extremely excited about something, and kept pointing to the small flat dark image he had in his hand. I wondered what on earth was causing so much fuss and had a quick look at my palms... no nothing weird there! Years later when I first visited a palmist I found out that I indeed did have a very unusual marking in the centre of my right hand. It is a point that has six lines that interceded all in the centre, creating a perfect cross n the dead centre of my palm. It is like the Star of David. After looking at it for a few moments the man looked back at me and again gestured for me to follow him. This time we went further along the corridor, probably about 50 feet or so, and as it was in a spiral we soon left the other people behind as we walking onwards, up and around. He stopped beside a room that was off to the right and told me please wait there, they would be sending me home soon. So I entered the room and he left me completely alone.

The room was the oddest shape I've ever seen, the best I can describe it is that it was like half a diamond, with slanting walls and ceiling. To one side of the curved room there was a place to sit down which I did. There was nothing much to look at there, no windows, and the entire room was a very odd red/rust colour which I found quite irritating after awhile which was the reason I decided I'd do a little exploring of my own since they'd left met here on my own for quite some time now. I got up and moved to the doorway... to my left was were I'd come from and that slanted downwards... to my right was the corridor which kept winding upwards. I looked to my left and made the mental note that "they were in that direction... so I'd go the other way". So I quickly snuck out and headed off up the right. I didn't pass any doors or exists or anything....the corridor just kept on going up and up and up. I wondered where on earth this was leading me and I had a pang of fear start to creep over me "what happens if I'm going off to another ship... what if I run into others like them"... I nearly turned back at that point but decided to press on just a few more yards. And boy was I glad I did!! The corridor came to an abrupt end as opened up to a very large room... it was nearly pitch black in there and the only thing in the entire room was a very comfortable looking recliner chair!

There was no one around so I walked straight in and up to the side of the chair. As I got near I slide my fingertips along the left side of the armrest and got the shock of my life when the room seemed to "change" as I'd touched the chair. I couldn't quite tell what had happened as I'd only just brushed my fingers over it... but I was certain that something happened to the ceiling and walls....So I put my hand on the arm of the chair and this time I left it there... instantly the walls and the ceiling seemed to become totally invisible... Shocked at what was happening I removed my hand in more of a "reaction" kind of movement. The moment my hand was removed from the chair the walls and ceiling want back to normal. Right I'd cottoned on now... so after a few more try's at placing my hand on the chair and removing it I understand that the two wereintridcately connected with each other. I decided I was going sit in the chair and see what happened. So I delicately climbed into it and lay back with both hands resting on either arm of the chair. This is where I find it so incredibly difficult to explain... No matter how many times I try and explain this I can never do the awesome spectacle of it justice... I was alone in the Universe... there were no walls, no ceiling, just the myself on the chair surrounded by the beauty of space.

It was the most magical moment .... whoever designed something like that surely can't be all bad! I emersed myself in the experience and hardly noticed that someone had now walked into the room with me... It wasn't till spoke that I realised that same man who I had been dealing with was now telling me to get up off the chair and come back to the room where I was supposed to be waiting. He voice wasn't harsh... he was merely being firm with me to do as he asked. I reluctantly got out of the chair and watched the room revert back to normal as I slowly lost physical contact with it. I would never forget that room... never! He gestured for me to leave the room and go back down the corridor from where I came.... I existed the room and as I did so looked into his eyes... I was much closer now that I had been before when I had first seen those pools of pale blue... there seemed something very familiar about those eyes.. something very familiar about him also.... I just couldn't place it... I turned to walk down the corridor and just as suddenly as I had been plucked from my chair in the hotel I was now on the bed, laying flat out and being woken up by the cleaning lady who was unlocking the door.

So we have come full circle now... after telling all of this to the girls, they looked at each other and almost similoustansly said "where are the scissors??". I got up so fast I almost knocked the table on it's side.. I ran up the hall to where I'd dropped by bag and dived into the compartment where I'd placed them after they'd been "dealt to"... as I pulled them out I could hardly belief my eyes... the twisted metal was exactly how I'd remembered it... both sharp points had completely curled back on each other and wound themselves into the tightest metal curl I've ever seen. I stood up and walked back into the living room... Their eyes went straight to the scissors.. and the only words that were uttered were "OH MY GOD". We all stayed up that night discussing everything that had happened... they wanted to know everything... to hear it over and over again... I still rate it high on my experience list. Although it was just the start of many to come....


Since posting the article on my own personal ET experience people have asked me for 64 million dollar question “what happened to the scissors?”. I didn’t make it very clear so am going to explain in detail what actually transpired.

Some time soon after the experience I decided to take a holiday and visit my family back in New Zealand. I knew how important the scissors were and hardly ever left them out of my sight. Feeling the way I did about them, I decided the safest way was to simply take them with me so I could keep an eye on them. I didn’t really feel right about having them in one country while I was visiting another!

Now just a few days before I was due to leave the country, Sydney was rocked by a bomb blast that was situated right outside the Hilton Hotel. The bomb was planted in a garbage dumpster and had gone off when the garbage men had tried to empty it - it detonated killing at least one of the garbage men and seriously wounding another (I’m unable to remember just how many were killed, it may have been 3). The guy who had been so terribly wounded was actually a New Zealander and someone I had met the previous year while still living in New Zealand.

Because of this terrorist action, and because a high ranking Australian Government Official was travelling on the same flight I was, security was heightened to a level way beyond normal. When I arrived for checkin we were searched 5 separate times, I have never experienced such tight security before - each security check took place in a separate room, we were herded from one room to the next. I had concealed the scissors at the bottom of my suitcase never dreaming that they would be searching so diligently on a routine flight from Sydney to Wellington. After my bag had been thoroughly searched the first time, we were ushered into yet another “make shift” area where we were subjected to yet another bag search. The security had stickers that they were placing on suitcases to say they had been checked... if I remember correctly they were red and white and said something to the effect of “security checked”. I asked the officer who had just finished searching my luggage for the third time to PLEASE place these stickers over the actual key holes of my bag so that the “next” check would not have to bother opening the bag as the sticker would let them know it had NOT been tampered with, as to open it would have meant inserting the key and punchoring the “security checked” sticker. He agreed to do this and placed two stickers over the key holes after we have locked them.

I thought I was “home and hosed” as we say here in New Zealand.

The bag managed to get past the next security checkin, but on the fifth and final checkin, as I walked through the metal detector it went off shrieking for all the world to hear and totally embarrassing me! What had triggered it was that I had a safety pin on my bra and that was what had caused the shrill beeping. Even though I explained the situation, they still took me aside and had a female officer check this out. On my return into the room I went back to my bag to find the security stickers had been pierced and my bag had once again been presumably searched. I was absolutely livid! But there wasn’t a thing I could do about it... all I wanted to do was get on that damm plane and get away from this “over kill” security area.

New “security checked” red and white stickers were placed on my luggage and we now parted company... my bag going it’s way and I boarded the plane.

The luggage was checked once again by New Zealand customs on my arrival into the country.

I was picked up by a family member and we drove up the coast to where my parents lived. It wasn’t till the early hours of the morning that I opened the suitcase for the first time and found that the scissors were nowhere to be found. I don’t know if they were removed by Australian Security or New Zealand Security. The only thing I am sure of is that THEY WERE REMOVED!

So I hope that answers some of your questions about “what happened to the scissors”.

It’s a strange world .....

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