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Mutilated Sheep Found In Uruguay

From Scott Corrales

Source: Diario 'El Argentino' (Gualeguaychú-Entre Ríos)
July 14, 2002

SALTO, Uruguay - Two dead sheep were found dead on the property of Walter Antonio Remedi, located at Colonia Gestido. The man found a dead sheep with mutilations on its head as he surveyed his fields. The animal found by Remedi was missing an ear, an eye, the tongue and all of the flesh on the left side of the head. A swath of black fur and a lump of fat were found at its side. 500 meters away, a second dead sheep was found with similar injuries to the head area, but it had already been attacked by dogs or other animals. As regards the other animals which have turned up dead in other parts of the country, this case involves sheep and not bovines. There were no signs of spilled blood.

Translation (C) 2002 IHU.
Special Thanks to Alicia Rossi.

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