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Argentina UFOs - 15 Lights Taped
At Once - Cops Reach For Guns

From Scott Corrales

Source: Paralelo 32 - Digital Edition
(Crespo, Entre Rios, Argentina)
July 13, 2002

UFOs on the Prowl in Entre Rios

In the past two weeks, "strange lights' were seen in various locales in the center of Entre Rios Province. Residents of Sola, Rosario del Tala and Mansilla were witnesses to the low-altitude maneuvers of objects they were unable to identify with known phenomena such as airplanes, meteorological events, animals or other elements.

Last Saturday night, a resident of Parana filmed 15 lights which spun around in circles for 10 minutes. His home video was seen by some news media as proof of the strange phenomena. The strangest case involved police officers in two squad cars at the truck stop on the crossroads of routes 39 and 6. The officers, according to a description offered by Diario Uno de Parana, saw how a powerful light made maneuvers in the night skies on Monday, July 1st. It approached the squad cars, producing "sparks similar to those of a photographer's flash"--a colorful spectacle full of "admirable" color bursts.

At a given moment, the light pulled back and the vehicles stopped operating. The engines wouldn't turn over and the lights were off. Half an hour later, when the strange luminosity had vanished completely, the police siren turned on "all of a sudden" and the engines responded to the ignition. The five occupants of both Renault 19 vehicles, one from Rosario del Tala and antoher from the Gobernador Sola sheriff's office, could find no possible explanation to what they saw.

When the object came excessively close to the vehicles, the law enforcement personnel reached for their sidearms, but it seems that the strange light was not impressed, since it continued to fly close to the squad cars pursuing it, withdrawing in its own good time, after the photographic flashes.

Translation (C) 2002. Scott Corrales, IHU.
Special thanks to Alicia Rossi.

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